Wednesday, November 30, 2016

There were a lot of keys in that room!

November 3
Dearest family, I had such a great week, I thought I could tell you all about it.
Don't know if I mentioned last week, but there was a mission presidents seminar here in Adelaide for a few days, and we heard so much from President for everyone to be on their best behavior, to look our best, there was a lot of hype about it haha. I honestly didn't think we'd actually meet any of them, because they'd be in meetings all day. But the first day, guess who walks up to us while we are unlocking our bikes? The mission president and his wife of the Sydney South mission. They were lovely, and it was nice to meet them. Then the next day... we heard the mission presidents would be doing a session at the temple, and we were going with our recent convert Dana to watch her do baptisms for the dead for the first time. But they should have been out by the time we got there. Were they? Nope! So we walked up to the temple, and 16 mission presidents, their wives, and the entire Pacific Area Presidency were there outside!! They were so kind, they all wanted to get to know us individually (I think Dana was a bit overwhelmed.... so was I. Not that they were intimidating... I would call them great, kind, spiritual giants. Wow.) And then they wanted us to take pictures of all of them!! Haha just like normal missionaries.
Then the next day we went up to our teaching center, and who did we bump into? THE PACIFIC AREA PRESIDENCY AND THEIR WIVES, on a tour by President and Sister Parker. They were so lovely, and asked us lots of questions about the presentations we do with the displays. It was crazy!!!!
Then Tanya got baptized on Saturday, but more about that in my next email.
Sister Townsend

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