Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Moon Cake Festival

September 18
Hello dear family and friends!!
So many things to share this week. First, Dana (a recent convert) came to another lesson of someone we were teaching, and bore a very powerful testimony of the blessings she has seen come into her life since her decision to follow Christ and be baptized. It was so cool to see and hear :) As well, it helps to build friendships! I think I've said this before, but I'm really learning how great friendships can be built on shared experiences in the gospel. I love it.
This week we had a special celebration. In China, there is something called a mid autumn festival, on the day of the full moon in the 8th lunar month (I think). Anyways, it is also called a moon cake festival! For myself, when I hear "cake", I think CAKE. But this is a moon cake Basically made of a paste, a very sweet paste with lots of sugar, and an egg yolk in the middle! But it was super fun, we were inviting literally everyone we could, because we were kind of planning it last minute. But it was still great! We rented out the basement floor of this building we're in, they have a movie theater and everything, but it hadn't been used in a LONG time, so we spent 2.5 hours as a whole zone (group of missionaries) cleaning it. When everyone got there, we watched some short Mormon Messages about who God and Jesus Christ are, the Book of Mormon, and God's Plan of Happiness for all of us. And the videos were in English and Chinese! Then we had the food :D The senior couples went all out and provided a great feast of semi-authentic Chinese food :) And it was such a success that we will be having something similar once a month. There were so many people there who had never met missionaries before, but wanted to come to a moon cake festival. After, they felt the Spirit from what was shared and wanted to be with the same people again, and asked to come to church! The girl in the front in the yellow jacket, her name is Misa, and she came to church yesterday and loved it. She is super busy all during the week but wants to continue to learn about God. Sometimes it amazes me at such simple and strong faith. But like it says in the Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it shall be given you." I know that is true, that all we need to do is ask God and He is there for us.
I've been studying more this week about the life of Christ. In everything He did, He exemplified such patience and love, traits I am continually working on developing! And in John 21, we receive the answers of how we can show our love and gratitude for everything Jesus has done for us. "Feed my sheep". I know it's possible for all of us to follow this counsel, and I want to encourage everyone to do so this week. To look out for someone you can help and lift. I KNOW you will be happier for it, because that is where we can find true happiness in serving others. I love you all SO much!!
Sister Townsend and Sister Coultrup :)

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