Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Royal Adelaide Show

August 28

After weeks of preparing, or thinking we were preparing but we really had no idea what we were doing, we the missionaries of the Australia Adelaide Mission have a booth at the Royal Adelaide Show! Sounds pretty fancy doesn't it? It is a show similar to the calgary stampede? apparently, because that's all sister coultrup says.

Part of my assignment is to make sure our presence at the show is as successful as President hopes it will be. No pressure, right? But there are SO many people there, we were told that 700,000 people come to the show from all around Adelaide, and all around AUSTRALIA. What a great opportunity for the church and for members and non-members and everyone to see what the church is all about! I feel like I'm having to become much more knowledgeable with the whole "public affairs" side of things to make sure we are following all the rules, and that's the same way it is in the city. There are 3 sets of sisters who have different shifts (each companionship comes everyday) but my companion and I are pretty responsible for it.

We go in the morning to make sure everything is set and ready for the day, and also have some evening shifts, when there are lots of people there, and to close up the booth for the night. We had some really amazing experiences just this morning, people being led right to us. One lady walked past the booth, Sister Coultrup and I both saw her but we were busy with other people. Then she was walking back in the other direction, received a text, and stopped right close to our booth. I started talking to her, and found out she is a member, but hasn't been going in the past month since her dad died. Her testimony has really been struggling, and we spoke with her at just the right time, and reassured her of the truth of the Plan of Salvation and God's love for her.

Then another time this man just walked into the booth, and asked if he could have one of the Bibles we had on display. He wants to study different religions, and this large-size Bible was just what he wanted. We also gave him a Book of Mormon and got his address for missionaries to go by and "study" more with him :D So cool!

There are so many miracles, it honestly amazes me. I have a hard time explaining to people sometimes, but the things that have happened, especially since being in Australia, no way could they be a coincidence. I know that God lives, and that He is guiding us everyday. It just took me coming all the way here to recognize all the little things He does for us. I love you all, hope you enjoy your week!

Just cause I love it so much and want to share more. In picture, when you're looking at it, on the right is a table with Books of Mormon in almost every single language, and inside each copy is a testimony IN THAT LANGUAGE written by a member here in Adelaide. Above is framed copies of the Family Proclamation and the Articles of Faith. Then we have that BEAUTIFUL display. Pictures of Moroni with the plates, the Savior in the Americas, and English and Chinese pamphlets on the other table. On the TV in front there is a slideshow, constantly asking questions like Who is God? How can He help me? Christ's Church has been restored, things like that :)

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