Wednesday, November 30, 2016


October 10

I really really loved the zone training we had this week. Our leaders gave fantastic training on becoming more consecrated missionaries. Especially grateful for the Spirit that was felt. Of course the Spirit is the master teacher, and emphasizes what we can do. Each companionship went up and shared what they would do personally to not waste time/become more of a missionary that says "I want to..." (do whatever is asked). Sister Coultrup and I were given the scripture D&C 123:17, one of my favorites. The phrase "cheerfully do all things that lay in our power" stood out to us, and we committed to be more cheerful in all aspects of the finding we do. The nature of the area seems to be we find a lot of people for other missionaries, but that is definitely something to be cheerful about! There are so many people who want to learn more about God's plan for them, we just get to help them recognize that :D

Miracle this week with one of our new investigators. I learned more about the power of everything that we say. We would mention something like, "God has a plan for you," and she stopped, looked shocked, and said, "Really? He has a plan for me?" And it was such a foreign concept for her, as well that God would love her enough to have that plan. Then the same concept was highlighted again in conference, what a great knowledge we have, and responsibility to share God's Plan of Happiness with all that we meet.

One of the new senior couples that just came in is pretty special, well everyone's special :) but this man's uncle happens to be President Russell M. Nelson, or as he calls him, "Uncle Rus". 😁 He shared that there is this one picture, the one with Jesus wearing red, that sometimes looks happy, sometimes upset, or half justice, half mercy? That's the one PRESIDENT NELSON says looks most like Christ. And why is that? WOAH.

This week I had a san churro sundae at the best chocolate cafe in the world, and ate waffles :)

Dearest family, I love you and pray for you. Thank you for continuing to keep going, regardless of challenges or tests of faith. They come, and we get the opportunity to show Satan who's boss.keep going, keep trying (keep re-watching Elder Holland's talk from conference April 2016😀 ) and remember I love you!

Sister Townsend
Part 2
A slightly drunk man shared an acronym with us the other day that is pretty cool
Always seeking to elevate (improve) ourselves, right? And I am learning that only comes through action, and we are able to see that joy in ourselves and others as we share the light of the gospel :) love it!
So I fell off my bike again...but don't worry I am well take care of. It was a rainy day, and I slipped. But before I could even pick myself up, a man had run across the road and was there to help pick me up. just a bit of blood, and some nice security guards helped patch me up. Then this morning we were with president, and because I hadn't bought any more bandages yet, I couldn't shake anyone's hand. BUT president is a doctor, and he checked me out to make sure nothing was broken. It is a great blessing to be a missionary, and be protected. Unfortunately, another elder in our zone had a more minor fall than me, but he broke a bone in his hand, had to have surgery, and will be in a cast and sling for a few more weeks :) We all have our challenges :D

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