Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 6
I LOVE that poem! (The Race) I didn't have time to read it, so I printed it off, LOVE it, and have read it to so many of the people we are working with. Then, they make a copy and pass it on to more of their family and friends, it is spreading :) Thanks for reminding me, I need to print another copy today :)
This week was really special. On Saturday there was a specialty training, and President talked for an hour on the importance of integrity. What a great principle! we had studied before elder callister's talk Becoming men and women of integrity, which was fabulous. Unfortunately, we missed most of the training because we had places to take the displays to. (it's now called the mobile gospel display, and no abbreviations, per white handbook haha) BUT we went to the baptisms of some excommunicated members that have been attending church regularly for the past 15 years, but haven't been able to make the step to baptism. What was even more amazing is that Sister Coultrup worked with them for about 4 months of her mission, and it was so great to be there. even though they live an hour away. It was at a chapel I'd never been to before! Then there was another baptism back at our chapel. So fun!
working on a bigger group email. love you heaps

So many miracles this week. Really quick, on Friday we had our Auslan activity! It was so much fun to see all the members there, and Tanya had a great time. We started with a potluck dinner, and everyone brought amazing food :) Then we split into some groups and I got to teach a small group how to use sign language! The prize at the end was given after everyone introduced themselves to Tanya in Auslan. So fun!
Sunday was a big day. We had to give a missionary presentation in 3 different wards (congregations) that met at the same time. How to do that? We delegated to some other sisters the responsibility for one of the wards, and the elders helped them. Then, Sister Coultrup and I went on splits with the sisters in Fulham Gardens ward so we could each give the presentation. Basically sharing with everyone how many miracles are seen every day in the mission, and what President Parker is doing specifically to change things up. Kind of like PR, our job was to help everyone get excited about missionary work, and the gospel! So of course it was fun :)
As part of the restored church of Jesus Christ, we believe in the same organization that existed in the church Christ established. We had the great privilege to meet Elder Nielsen, who is a man called of God to be a seventy (Luke 10:1, 17). He is an amazing man, and so in tune with the Spirit. He also happens to be from Texas, and used to play for the Houston Oilers! :) Last week at the temple he was there with his wife for the mission presidents' seminar, and we got to take a photo :) We got to go to the temple that day with Dana, Olivia, and Summer, all Chinese students who have been baptized here in Australia just in the past few months! I love them.

I love you all, Have a miraculous week!

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