Wednesday, November 30, 2016

October 9

Message to Vivi
Yes we went to a members home and they had a buffet lined up for us to make our own vietnamese cold rolls (those are some of my favorite things to eat here) and you should look them up! that's so good about your profile picture, keep it up! Sorry I don't have much else to talk about except missionary work, that's all I'm doing now...but I love hearing about everything you are doing! remember Rach and I will both be praying for you, and hope you have an awesome week!
Message to James
So well!!!!!! 2 baptisms in the past month, and many many miracles besides that. Because my companion and I get to travel around to different areas, we find people for other missionaries to teach, and now some of those people are going to be baptized as well!! Similar to football, I've been thinking how it doesn't matter what part you play, you contribute to the overall win. We each have different responsibilities, whether that is at church, school, with friends, on a team, or in the mission, God knows what we can do, and we do our best to live up to that!! Then we are so happy when the success comes. Even if you're not playing offense and your team wins, of course you'll still be excited! you contributed to that :)
love you! Sister Townsend

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