Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16 And then there were 3...

What a week it's been. I can definitely say that spending all that time in Adelaide made me want to maximise all the time we could have in Mildura this week. And it is so cool to have a trio! We were able to split off, Sister Rougeau went with a member and Sister Matthes and I went out, we got twice the amount of work done! I love it, can't wait to see what this week has in store for us.
Sister Matthes is just amazing. She's from Samoa! I am so grateful already for her wonderful memory and great example of being a disciple of Christ. We were so blessed to bring her back with us, and she is so open with her questions as well.
 This is us coming back into Victoria, where Mildura is!
 There are 2 sets of 3 in Mildura! And we're both training new missionaries, it really is such an exciting thing to have a new sister with us, who wants to do the work the best she can! I love her :)
On Saturday we were able to see a less active Young Woman who hasn't been to church in years probably. Her mum isn't a member, but she was baptized in Robinvale in 2010. She's had a lot of things happen in her life, but she was open to meeting more with us. It was such a miracle for me, because I've been there at least 5 times, seen the mum a couple times, who was really unreceptive and told us to go away. But there was a name written on the door post, the same name of the member we were looking for, and so Saturday as we rode past we decided to try again. And she was home! God is there, and so aware of this work. I love seeing His hand, and the amazing miracles that come when we are exactly obedient to His commandments. 

I love you dear family of mine! Keep up your great work!

Sister Townsend

Friday, May 13, 2016

May 8 Mildura is Grand!

Sometimes Sister Rougeau and I have just a little bit of time to pause and take a picture :) There's a place here called Fasta Pasta, and it's kind of like Olive Garden back in the States, but you can get take away food. So we had a picnic by the river! That was right before we started getting heaps of rain, so we're glad we could enjoy it.

Last but not least is the big news for the day. Sister Rougeau and I are staying together as a companionship, but we are training a new missionary! We found out just last night. So we got to pack a few things up, and started the drive to Adelaide this morning. And we had to get a picture of this lovely sign... Mildura is in Victoria, and Adelaide is in South Australia. For those who don't know, Australia only has 6 states and 2 territories, but is still roughly the size of America!

We have really had some great experiences with less actives and recent converts this week. One in particular was with a lady named Michelle, who we see once a week. She's a pretty great lady, with a testimony of the gospel, but it normally stays pretty hidden, she doesn't want to make herself vulnerable. This week we showed her President Monson's talk from conference (, and started talking about choices. She really opened up so much and shared how her mum made such an impact on her, even when her choices were going against what her mum had taught her. The Spirit there was so strong, and we really could see how much she wanted to get back on track. I was so grateful for the prophet's message, and how applicable it can be for every single person. I know the gospel is for everyone, and can help every single person :) Love you all, have a fabulous week!

May 1

Sorry for the shorter email this week everyone!
As you can see, our mouse problem has been taken care of, but there's always something. I was told that since sisters aren't sent out bush, there's not much chance of coming across these sorts of things. But no, we got lucky enough to have a massive cockroach strolling along our kitchen floor. Not running, it was actually strolling. And it was so big I thought it was the mouse come back to scare us. 
One of my favorite spiritual experiences this week involved one our Indian investigators. She is the friend of another investigator who we started teaching last week, and she was talking about her belief in Jesus and what His purpose was on earth. As she was talking about how he was just a normal person, who happened to live a completely perfect life, and died for us, I felt the Spirit testify to me so strongly that NO, she was wrong. I knew, more at that moment than any other time in my life that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. That He came to earth with a divine purpose, and He fulfilled it. All that His Father had asked him to do, he did, and did it perfectly because of his divinity and because of his love for us. That knowledge I gained and testified to her didn't seem to make much difference to her, but it made a massive difference to me. I never doubted it before, I thought I knew it, but this was a re-confirmation of what I know to be true. And it makes me want to go out and share it with everyone. It is true, I know it is. And that knowledge is available to everyone! John 3:16

Picture #1: And for all who wanted to see, we got a picture of the mouse! Hopefully it's died now, but you know :)
#2: Our honorable district leader Elder Fuhirman and his car. Can you see anything special about it?

April 25 Gift of Faith

Hello dear family!
I've been thinking a lot this week about the example Christ set for us while He was on the earth. He did so much for us, we could study it for years and still wouldn't know everything, but we do the best we can, yeah? One of my favorite scriptures has been from 1 Colossians 3:17 "and whatsoever thing ye do in word and deed, do all in the name of the lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." This without a doubt is something that strengthens our faith. And I know that Heavenly Father WANTS to help us strengthen our faith, that is why it is a gift from him. We can all do things to develop our faith, and that is when Heavenly Father rewards us with even more blessings :) 
For a funny story this week.. Last night I was sitting in the room minding my own business, and suddenly sister Rougeau screams and says there's a mouse! I, of course, didn't believe her. Why and how would there be a mouse in our flat? So I went up to the pantry where she said it was, covered the entrance just in case, opened the door, and then screamed there's a mouse! How crazy is that? There actually was a little mouse in our pantry, no idea how it got there, and it's actually still there... We haven't opened it since. Eventually we will, but were just not really sure what to do with it. And so we wait :)
Well I hope you all have a fabulous week, and keep strengthening your faith in Christ! :) Phillipians 4:13

Yes the weather is getting colder bit by bit, This week has been pretty warm though! We had a good week, sorry I forgot to tell you that yesterday was ANZAC Day, which is like Veteran's Day here. So P-day is today, and it was cool we got to talk to a couple veterans yesterday. What I've loved the most about being a missionary is learning so much about other people's lives, and from their experiences. It's my favorite thing, meeting these amazing people. One of my absolute favorites is this family, the Naqutos. That's not all of them, but Sister Naquto is Amazing, and I love those kids so much, it helps take away from missing Bria James and Vivi too much.
Love you!

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April 3 - Experience the culture

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