Monday, August 8, 2016

May 29 Dead sprint from appt to appt

"You're lucky I'm an old bloke, otherwise I would want to give you a kiss and a cuddle!" Nice old man :)
Australia is such an amazing place. I love the work here, and especially the people. Even if there are some interesting experiences in store. It's all part of learning, and I am really learning so much. 
I've mentioned before how the mission is making a big emphasis on using the bikes we have been blessed with. And the plus side is we get to exercise along the way! But there is really so much work to be done, when we are not with people we want to either sprint, or bike as fast as we can to where we need to be at next. No need to waste time traveling right? Especially when it gets dark so quickly now. Winter has come up fast, and it gets dark around 5:30-6, depending on the clouds. And winter in Australia = rain!! The best part is finding those we can go see when it gets dark, I get kind of nervous about walking to someone's house we don't know when it's completely dark outside. But the stars are beautiful :) 
Sorry for the shorter email today, but please keep smiling!!
I love you all,
Sister Townsend

It's been an interesting few weeks. I don't remember if I told you, but our really awesome investigator (Nesi) turned out to be a child of record, just a child of a super less active member. She is getting baptised this Saturday! This week we finally got to have a lesson with Nesi and her mum. In the Polynesian culture it is very common, after people get married, for the wife to join the husbands church, regardless of what her beliefs are. And that's what happened with this mum, and her husband was Catholic. The lesson we wanted to teach Nesi was about the importance of the covenants she would be making at baptism. And it was so cool to be able to remind the mum about it, and she shared the special feelings she had at HER baptism. As we were talking, we shared about the sacrament, and the ordinance that it is. Nesi came to church as usual, but I thought it was just with her grandma like always. But then I got up to give my talk and there was her mum! Awesome miracle.
Another good learning experience for me this week came from a street contact. We met this man who said he had done all this research, with an "open mind", and appreciated most what he found in the Koran. As he was explaining some of the specifics, my mind was thinking of how close Satan tries to imitate the truth. The contrast was so apparent, and he was so decided on what he had found. No more "open mind", or any way he wanted to read the Book of Mormon. But it made me so grateful for this book that we have, and of the knowledge we gain from it.
Training a new missionary is such an experience, I love it. There's so much I want her to learn, so much I hope she can accomplish and be better at than me :) one thing that is cool is how much she knew before she came. She was a ward missionary back home, and got to experience what it was like going to coordination meeting, and I think ward council meeting. Awesome background knowledge.
Love you!!

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