Monday, August 8, 2016

July 17

Good morning dear family! Hope all is going well and you are resting after such a long trip!
Last week on Monday after we emailed, we went to the beach. Australia, and I have only briefly seen the ocean a couple of times. So we went, and it was SO COLD. We even got some hot chocolate, there was lots of wind; it wasn't quite what we were expecting. So then as we were travelling back into the city, my companion realizes that although she brought a change of clothes, she didn't bring any proselyting shoes...and we were both wearing tennis shoes. But I decided there's always something more to experience, so I had her wear my proselyting shoes and I wore my bright blue tennis shoes with the orange laces. So fun.
Tuesday we got to see a less active lady from South America, and we sang for her. I always say a very fervent prayer when we do that, hoping we will sing well so that she can feel the Spirit. We do hard things :)
Thursday was a miracle day. The bus we got on was really crowded, and my companion and I were separated. She sat down next to a girl named Dana. They started talking right away, and she was definitely interested in what we did! She is from China, and doesn't have really any background with God. Right after we got off the bus we thought, is she doing anything today? So we called her and invited her to a lesson that day.  She came and it was so, so good. The spirit was so strong. One of my all time favorite things about being a missionary is seeing someone pray for the first time in their lives. It is so special. And the Spirit was so strong. Miracles happen when you apply yourselves wholeheartedly to the work. 
Sunday we got to see Tanya again, the lady we met who speaks Ausland. Communication is still tricky, but I think we are getting there, slowly but surely. 
The Book of Mormon is so amazing. I thought it might be a little repetitive, reading for so long every day, but it has such wonderful answers, sometimes I need to spend that long to focus and find and recognize them :) but I love the scriptures!
Love you!!

Sister Townsend

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