Monday, August 8, 2016

July 11 Kangaroos!

I'm sure Dani is so excited to be in New York. What a tender mercy with the Broadway tickets. We don't have as much time today, but I wanted to share I SAW A KANGAROO. The photo is taking so long to load, and that's just one photo, so you might not get to see, but it was really really cool. We went to a wildlife park and got to hold koalas and feed and pet kangaroos. So fun. 
There are some big things happening in the mission. My companion and I have a new assignment, and it keeps us pretty busy. But life is good, we want it to be busy and productive! Sorry we're not actually allowed to share much of the specific things we are doing, but it is pretty fun and there's a lot of good things coming from it. Stay tuned! Just know that I have come to recognize even more how Heavenly Father has such a big influence on everything that we do. No way would any of this be possible without Him, and I am so grateful for that.
The week proselyting is the same a lot of the days, but at the same time each day is unique. We talk to so many people a day, usually when they are sitting at bus stops, having a lunch break, a study break, all these things :) And there is so much to learn from each person! Unfortunately I've got a cold, and sometimes my ears are too blocked for me to hear properly? I wish everyone spoke sign language :)

Hope your vacation goes really well, send lots of pictures!!!

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