Monday, August 8, 2016

August 7 The Teaching Space

(I, Janet, had asked Abby about this teaching space she'd mentioned. Here's the scoop!)

The Teaching Space = City Headquarters = City HQ = Amazing Miracle From Heavenly Father
What it is: in an office building, up on the third floor away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a quiet place dedicated as a mini church space. There are 3 classrooms with different pictures showing different aspects of the gospel (the Savior's baptism, the First Vision, and a painting of that statue at the visitors center in Salt Lake with all the stars behind it) There is also a "conference room" if we have a few extra people in the lesson. It's decorated like a chapel, different paintings of Jesus, scenes from the Book of Mormon, stuff like that. We are so, so blessed; it is something that President has been working on for months. Most of the people we teach in the city are university students, and they are pretty busy. Kind of like how the YSA can go to the institute near UT, our investigators can come straight there, have a lesson, feel the Spirit, feel spiritually uplifted, then go continue their classes. How awesome is that?!?!
My new companion, Sister Coultrup. She is originally from England, but she and her family have lived in Calgary for the past 14 years :) 

A very wonderful week. There are always so many lessons to learn and I especially LOVE being able to study the scriptures everyday. Not something I ever appreciated before, but it is my lifeline. There have been a couple of days when we were asked to do something early in the morning, and I missed those study times. Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need, and has given us those guidelines of what to follow. 
I am so sad to hear about Vivi. (Janet here-A teacher at Vivi's school passed away in her sleep, and a boy in our ward also passed away in his sleep, so she was having a hard time sleeping herself, worried she wouldn't wake up)  Definitely keep praying for her, have you showed her any of the videos the church has about the Plan of Salvation? Some are really cute, and that's comforting information to share. Sorry, I've been doing a lot with those videos, they were the first thing I thought of.
 I am excited to get to share with you all in person all the wonderful things I have learned. Speaking of which, I saw a form listing all the missionaries going home on February 28, and my name was on it....then I looked a few days later and my name was gone! I have spoken with President a bit about extending, but I wanted to know your thoughts? I'll put Dad on this email so he can see as well. The latest President can extend on his own without going through Salt Lake is March 25, which also happens to be the day my visa expires ;) I love being a missionary, and there is such a great work to do here. But it comes down to what the Lord wants, and although I feel good about it, I want to pray more about it. Something more to think about. Love you!!!!

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