Monday, August 8, 2016

July 7

This week was Fourth of July, I'm sure you are all aware of that. Luckily, my companion and I remembered the night before, so I made sure to wear the red, white and blue. But it was a bit of a different environment to the beaches, barbeques, and fireworks y'all saw. We saw rain. Buckets and buckets of rain. Someone told us it was the most rainfall that Adelaide has had in one day in over 50 years. And I got to be there in the middle of it! Unfortunately we forgot an umbrella that day, but we had fun. There really are so many blessings that come, and it was so cool to meet those that God had prepared to meet us, even out in the rain. We were walking swiftly from bus stop to bus stop, hiding from the rain. So much fun :D then that night one of the senior couples brought already made hot chocolate, cookies and fruit to our flat, which was the sweetest thing ever.
Update on my deaf friend who we met last week. We were able to go and share a message with her, really good to build on that common faith that we all have. No matter who we talk to, I love sharing the wonderful things that Jesus Christ has done for us. 
Explanation for my late email: every transfer we get one day to go to the temple, which is a really special place we can go to worship God and learn more about Him. It is the House of the Lord. And this week we got to go, just a couple of hours ago! And this is all the missionaries I am serving around, including that wonderful senior couple, the Larkins. They are from Las Vegas, and are volunteering as missionaries as well. We would be so lost without the GREAT help and support they are to us and the areas we are in. 
God loves us, His son Jesus Christ love us, and we are all here for a purpose! I love you!!

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