Monday, August 8, 2016

July 24

One night this week, we were out walking in the city, and it was cold. We've had some cold nights here, and the rain doesn't add to that, and this night was no exception. We had just left from a really awesome lesson with a girl named Dia. She is from China and so prepared to learn more about God. That is a lot of the students that we meet. But as we went out, some of our enthusiasm left us. There weren't heaps of people out, and everyone looked pretty busy. We walked past this stop light, and Sister Mason saw a girl just standing there on her phone. She was about to stop, but we kept walking and she forgot about it. Then plans changed, we turned around and walked back the same way we had come, and Sister Mason saw this girl again. But we walked right past her! That was enough. We stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, turned around, and introduced ourselves to her. She told us she was new to the city, and very lost. We got to help her find her way, and get to the right bus stop. As we walked with her, we shared a bit about what we did and about the teaching space we have, right there in the city, where people can come to feel peace and a closer connection with God. (PS this place is beautiful, it has done so much to build Heavenly Father's work here in Adelaide. I will really try hard to send pictures of that next week!) Then the hail started coming down! We ran with her to the bus stop, and it was  great bonding experience. We are going to be seeing her this week!
​This week I have been studying a lot about hope, and relying on God. That's what this life is all about, right? There's a really beautiful passage in the Book of Mormon, in 2 Nephi chapter 4, where Nephi takes some time to kind of journal his feelings about God. He talks about how we all make mistakes, even when we have been blessed to see the great blessings and goodness of God in our lives. Remembering that is what can give us the courage to keep going, and to avoid those mistakes that are easy to do but leave us feeling sad. Then in the Bible, Romans 8:31, there is a great promise - If God be for us, who can be against us?
I know God is there. I know He is real and wants to help all of us have greater peace in this life and in the life to come. So many of the questions that we have can be answered by searching the words of God, found through the scriptures and the words of His living prophets. I love you all so much, have an amazing week!

Just a quick side note, if any of you were wondering about my English? A lot of people we talk to in the city are students, and learning English as a second language. So most of the time, I'm speaking kind of broken English; you know, using small words, small sentences, trying to get straight to the point. And we're going to be teaching an English class soon! That will be so good. But yeah, sometimes when I talk to people who know English well, I realize I'm using my broken English. But I love it!!😁 

Here's a picture with my caption- sometimes you just got to put on pants and lay down. :)

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