Monday, August 8, 2016

June 13 The week I kissed a camel

Sometimes things come up you are not expecting. For me, yesterday was just a normal day. For the rest of Australia, it was the queen's birthday, which means a public holiday. Then we found out the queen's birthday is actually in April, and got really confused. Oh well. But yesterday we went to see a family who none of us had ever met. They live in our area and we thought we'd pop by. It was way down out of town, and it was full of livestock. We walk up, get to know them, and they take us around to meet all the animals. And he had 10 CAMELS. 10! Who needs 10 camels?? But there was one in particular that was really affectionate. I got to be real close and personal and feed him a carrot, then get to know him a little more. He really appreciated it and last but not least we had a staring contest.

On a more spiritual note this week we had a great time at church on Sunday. It was a week where we could feel the Spirit guiding us through each day. President and Sister Parker came on Saturday, and we had a 12 hour zone conference!! Mostly consisting of practicing how we can teach better, which I really need. I know there is no way I'm a perfect teacher, but what I'm teaching is the perfect message. So anything I can do to improve to not be in the way of that I appreciate. The more faith we have the more miracles and blessings we will see in our lives, it just takes a bit of patience sometimes (Ether 12:6). I know that God will always be there for us, and have been able to recognize it so much more as I see it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I love this gospel, and I love all of you! Have a safe happy week, and if you feel down, think about camels :)

​(A few messages to family)
We do have a car, and we use it at night time and traveling to further areas (for safety and convenience) but we try to use the bikes all the time that we can, more effective that way.
So far I have had 4 baptisms, and it's pretty typical here in Australia, but we are working to change that, and seeing it happen soon :)
Thank you for your testimony of the gospel. It's so true!
What I love is that Moroni 10:32 is one of the scriptures we memorize, and it is JUST SO GOOD. My opinion is that sometimes people overlook the massive difference it makes to live righteously. Because it's a collection of little things, rather than one big thing, it can be easy to view as unimportant. 
I love you!

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