Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Miracles Never Cease!

December 4
So many miracles this week! We started telling a few people that this was Sister Coultrup's last week, and suddenly EVERYONE wanted to meet with us! So we got to see a lot of our friends and invite them to church and learn more about how God can help us. Really quick, our friend Crystal came to a Christmas program Sunday night to give Sister Coultrup a present, and she brought 3 friends. 2 of those friends had met missionaries before, and they loved being in the church!! I love the feeling that is there, so peaceful and calm :)

This week we had a missionary preparation conference, where 16-19 year old teenage boys and girls came out with us full-time missionaries to be missionaries for a weekend! (that was a lot of the word missionary) My companion was Raechel Ellis, and we saw some great miracles, a lot of people very receptive and seeking answers to spiritual questions.

To keep up with all the Chinese students we meet, we had a meeting of how we can speak more simply, and teach the basic parts of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Teaching simply is hard work!! And afterwards, Elder Li taught me more Mandarin, which I love :)

Love you all!!!!

Sister Townsend

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