Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas! Happy Boxing Day!

December 27

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you were able to appreciate this great time of year with special loved ones. I am so grateful for all of you and the support you have given me throughout my life :)

This week was pretty exciting! On Wednesday we got together with our zone ( a group of missionaries) and had a special Christmas conference! Everything was focused on strengthening our faith in Christ. We were able to act out some Christmas skits! Because I love acting....

On Thursday we got to go to the temple!! That was really special, a wonderful Christmas present. Then we went to go see Tanya, and acted out for her the Christmas story. So much fun :)

Friday we went to the baptism of Jack, and our investigator Misa came! She was stressed for Jack, and she doesn't even know him! But at the end, she really loved the baptism service, and the spirit that we felt there was really strong.

On Saturday it was nice and hot! (fun fact: we were told that on Christmas, Adelaide was the hottest city in the world, 40 degrees Celcius!) We met some interesting people on Rundle Mall, and there were 2 men that wanted to discuss the Bible with us for 30 minutes! One thing that I really love about being a missionary is being able to learn from other peoples' point of view. Because they really want to share their beliefs! But I love learning why they believe what they do, and it only strengthens my testimony that God loves everyone :) (Romans 8:39)

Sunday we SKYPED with our families, that is always awesome! Then we were able to watch all the Christmas skits from missionaries all over Adelaide. Ours definitely won.

Monday was Boxing Day, and Australians really love to shop! It was like Black Friday, but after Christmas... and raining a lot, but people were determined.

Overall, I pray you were all able to feel a bit happier at this time. If not, I know there is always a reason for everything, even if we do not see it at the time. I love you all, have a wonderful week!

Sister Townsend


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