Monday, December 12, 2016

"Corsets Improve Posture"

December 11

Dear Family,
Quick summary of my week: Not possible. But I do my best :)

Sunday night: found out I would be training. That was pretty big surprise. Then had to help Sister Coultrup pack up all her things and prepare to go home, do all her leavers things.

Monday: Took Sister Coultrup to the temple, took Sister Rougeau to the mission office (she's going to DARWIN) and hung out with Sisters Collins and Samita for a while, they're both from Samoa, Sister Collins was raised in New Zealand. Started my trio with Sister Maea and Sister Purvis, who will now be living with me and my new companion in our very small flat.

Tuesday: Leadership meetings from 10:30 - 6:15 AWESOME!!! It was great, talking a lot more about how the priesthood and sisters can work more together and help the mission grow. Loved it :)

Wednesday: Sister Paton, a member of the ward, came with us to see Tanya. She was so excited to learn Auslan, and to help others at church learn as well. small miracle. We looked and looked for ways we could "Feed the Hungry", but all the hungry people must have been hiding.
Met up with Sister Taufa, who I haven't seen in 11 months, and now sh'es training as well. Then we met our new companions!!! Mine is Sister Brough, from Springville, Utah. Nice and close to home :) She came in with HEAPS of other sisters, it is so exciting.

Thursday: Arrivers Training with all the new missionaries, and I got to see Sister Matthes!! The first sister I trained. Now she's training :D after training I got to have an interview with President which was wonderful, Sister Brough took her driving test on the opposite side of the road (which now feels normal to me...) and we had dinner with a member.

Friday: wrapped Christmas presents for Sister Parker. Finally visited Sister Quinton, a lday in the ward we go see, haven't seen her in ages. But we'll have lunch with her next week. We met a really nice girl from China, who told us her friend is serving a mission, just like us, in Korea!! That's pretty cool.

Saturday: went to Onkaparinga for their Chrismas party, drove an hour to get there

Sunday: Miracle day. So good. Met some funny people (see title of email) and had great experiences. We met Winnie on the street, and invited her to come to the teaching center we have, she agreed, came up, and committed to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! Unfortunately, she's leaving for China today, we'll see her in February. This is how excited we were

Missionary work is amazing, especially at this time of year. For those who haven't seen it yet, there is a 2 minute video on that truly shows the focus of Christmas. It's not about the gifts we get, but about what we can give to others, big or small :)


Love Sister Townsend

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