Friday, March 18, 2016

Feb. 14 Staying in Mildura

It's the start of another transfer, and I'm here in Mildura! So is Sister Tamana, which is amazing, she's been here since last June :) But of all the places to stay for that long, this one is definitely the best. We had a miracle this week with the prospective elder! We have a neighbour with a CTR tattoo behind his ear, and we've kind of had the feeling that he knows more about the church than he tries to let on. (And they're really good neighbors, his wife made homemade tomato jam and gave some to us) Anyway, we knocked on his door this week and we randomly asked if he knew what the priesthood was. Not at first, but as he started talking and saying different things he'd done at church, he definitely had the Aaronic priesthood. And he kind of remembered what a stake president was, and he knew about P-days :) So we asked him if he wouldn't mind having a visit with the stake president when he came down, and he said all good! That was a really good testimony to me of the prospective elder, and really trying all we can to find them. Especially here, there are members just hiding out, not on the records at all. But once we find them, that can start the process back. I love this work, and know that there are great things ahead as we are diligent in seeking the Lord's hand with everything we do. That's a little bit of my email to President, sometimes I use that in my group email as well. Those are generally the longer emails :) But not this week, cause most of my email was about my new assignment, as a Sister Training Leader. It's so crazy, especially because I haven't even trained yet. But I'm still with Sister Tamana, so we get to do it together, which should be fun. I'm so happy and excited for the future!

I don't know if I sent this photo yet, but I really love it. That happiness is real :D

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