Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 1, 2016 What a doggie week

What an interesting week! I think the heat here is affecting everyone, though we've had a couple good days with rain. On one of the hot days, a member fell asleep at our lesson! We were teaching a 9 year old girl, and we were all giggling a bit, without actually mentioning what had happened :)
If anyone was wondering about the title of my email this week, we had a few interesting experiences with canines this week. First, we met a beautiful husky, whose owner at first was trying to shut the door on us. But this persistant pooch let us have a good conversation with him :) Not long after, we came across a Labrador who was wandering around looking lost. We improvised a leash and tried to look for it's owner. Someone said the dog had followed them from a few streets away, so we gave up and let her free. But, she really wanted to do missionary work! She started following us around, as we were knocking on doors. We would think she was gone, then up she'd walk and try to go into peoples' homes. Poor thing, we were so sad to leave her. Then there were some pretty scary dogs that luckily were on a chain....
I had some pretty authentic Polynesian food this week. One of the dishes they make in Tonga is lamb wrapped in taro leaves, and you eat the leaves as well! We had a really amazing Family night with bishop and his family and Losana, and then we ate dinner after :) They also have something called cassava, which is kind of like a potato, just a lot more starchy.
Something I forgot to mention about last week, we had a family come to church that haven't been for at least a year. We've been teaching their daughters Morna and Tainai, and now they've come to church 2 weeks in a row! The girls can't wait to be baptized :)

1. Morna and Tainai, with their siblings (whose names I don't know how to spell..)
2. Shuwen (really amazing investigator from Malaysia) and Sister Tamana
I love these people :D Have a great week!

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