Friday, May 13, 2016

May 8 Mildura is Grand!

Sometimes Sister Rougeau and I have just a little bit of time to pause and take a picture :) There's a place here called Fasta Pasta, and it's kind of like Olive Garden back in the States, but you can get take away food. So we had a picnic by the river! That was right before we started getting heaps of rain, so we're glad we could enjoy it.

Last but not least is the big news for the day. Sister Rougeau and I are staying together as a companionship, but we are training a new missionary! We found out just last night. So we got to pack a few things up, and started the drive to Adelaide this morning. And we had to get a picture of this lovely sign... Mildura is in Victoria, and Adelaide is in South Australia. For those who don't know, Australia only has 6 states and 2 territories, but is still roughly the size of America!

We have really had some great experiences with less actives and recent converts this week. One in particular was with a lady named Michelle, who we see once a week. She's a pretty great lady, with a testimony of the gospel, but it normally stays pretty hidden, she doesn't want to make herself vulnerable. This week we showed her President Monson's talk from conference (, and started talking about choices. She really opened up so much and shared how her mum made such an impact on her, even when her choices were going against what her mum had taught her. The Spirit there was so strong, and we really could see how much she wanted to get back on track. I was so grateful for the prophet's message, and how applicable it can be for every single person. I know the gospel is for everyone, and can help every single person :) Love you all, have a fabulous week!

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