Friday, May 13, 2016

May 1

Sorry for the shorter email this week everyone!
As you can see, our mouse problem has been taken care of, but there's always something. I was told that since sisters aren't sent out bush, there's not much chance of coming across these sorts of things. But no, we got lucky enough to have a massive cockroach strolling along our kitchen floor. Not running, it was actually strolling. And it was so big I thought it was the mouse come back to scare us. 
One of my favorite spiritual experiences this week involved one our Indian investigators. She is the friend of another investigator who we started teaching last week, and she was talking about her belief in Jesus and what His purpose was on earth. As she was talking about how he was just a normal person, who happened to live a completely perfect life, and died for us, I felt the Spirit testify to me so strongly that NO, she was wrong. I knew, more at that moment than any other time in my life that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. That He came to earth with a divine purpose, and He fulfilled it. All that His Father had asked him to do, he did, and did it perfectly because of his divinity and because of his love for us. That knowledge I gained and testified to her didn't seem to make much difference to her, but it made a massive difference to me. I never doubted it before, I thought I knew it, but this was a re-confirmation of what I know to be true. And it makes me want to go out and share it with everyone. It is true, I know it is. And that knowledge is available to everyone! John 3:16

Picture #1: And for all who wanted to see, we got a picture of the mouse! Hopefully it's died now, but you know :)
#2: Our honorable district leader Elder Fuhirman and his car. Can you see anything special about it?

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