Sunday, February 7, 2016

January 17, 2016, Greetings from...MILDURA!

Transfers this week, and I am now in Mildura, Victoria! So much has happened this week, it's kind of crazy. Let me start with a little bit of background. We found out last Monday that I was being transferred, and so we spent the day packing up and I said goodbye to Catarina, which was pretty hard to do. But, we know I have to get transferred sometime, it's part of the job :) So we drove here on Tuesday, and it takes about 6 hours. I finally got to see the Australian countryside! I was driving, and it was so flat but so beautiful. The weather here is even hotter than Adelaide, but it was really weird on Wednesday, my first day here, we had a dust storm! So crazy, seeing these red clouds appear, then it was just like eating the dust, it got everywhere! Then the next couple days were raining and staying around 80 degrees, which I loved :D But now it's back to normal, 100-110 is normal weather.
The people here are wonderful, but more on them next week.
A quick note about my new companion, Sister Tamana. She has been here for almost 9 months, and really knows the area well. Such a great example, and her teaching is awesome!
Have a great week!
 Goodbyes to Catarina and Sister Quinton

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