Monday, January 11, 2016

Solos and Indian Food

We were on tradeoffs with Allenby Gardens this week, and I got to be back with my MTC companion Sister Rougeau! We went to a member's home for dinner, and apparently they have a tradition there for new missionaries.... which they waited to tell me about til after we had eaten and had dessert. The tradition is that the missionary must sing a solo, 3 verses of a hymn of their choice, with the whole family and friends watching. Oh and just maybe be recorded while doing it. Sister Rougeau knows how to sing, so I was really trying to get her to sing with me, but that was a no. I got to sing that solo all by myself.
Funny finding story from this week. We were riding our bikes down the street, on our way to visit someone, and there was this really strong smell of Indian food. We kept going down the street, and our friend wasn't home. So riding back up the street, we were thinking, "If they're cooking, they must be home!" We basically sniffed them out, trying to determine which house that heavenly smell was coming from. It was so funny, but it worked! We found this family, who invited us in and we got to teach them about God.
So we're on bikes a lot. I'm used to it now, but sometimes it can still be challenging. Saturday night we had stopped to talk to this lady parked on the side of the street, and parked our bikes on the footpath (sidewalk). Before we were done, one of my companions had walked off to talk to another family, so 2 of us were left with 3 bikes to push down the street, with the neighbours watching us and then wondering, "Why is this weird girl coming to talk to me?" But that's the fun part of missionary work :)
Sister Craig, my first companion, is going home this week, and so she's been staying her with Sister Goisisi and I. Fun to have both of them here.
And this photo is one of the beautiful sunsets I got to see this week, Australia is really such a gorgeous place. So lucky to be here, doing the work of the Lord.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and are able to recognize the little miracles God gives to us every day :)
Sisters Goisisi, Craig, Townsend

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