Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bible Bashers Beware Atheist Guard Dog

Feb. 12, 2017

Dear Family,

To begin, I would like to clarify, I don't view myself, or any other missionary, as a Bible Basher. That would be too much contention, and we all know I don't like that. However, some people can think what they want. We approached a door this week, and saw a sign with that saying. Of course I wanted to knock :) When we did, we heard the dog barking, and we heard people moving inside, but they chose not to answer the door. Oh well, maybe next time!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. We have had a few discussions with a lady from Pakistan. It is really good to get to share and build on common beliefs, but something that makes me so sad is their belief about Jesus Christ. Basically, that we don't need the Atonement, and that He didn't die. I know Jesus Christ really did die for our sins, and even more than that that He suffered for all the pain that any of us would ever feel. This act was called the Atonement and it has truly changed my life. That is what I want to share with people, more of the happiness and peace and joy that can come from turning to Christ and living the first principles and ordinances of the gospel. (John 17:3)

This week I went of trade offs to the Gawler area. It's a small little town, not many people, and on one of the hottest days we have had this summer. My companion was Sister Teriihaunui, from French Polynesia.  At least we were still smiling! 
Then also this week we were invited into someone's home, and she spent 45 minutes teaching us ALL about the Bahai faith, or way of life, however you put it. Then she would say, "Now you teach me." We said 2 words and she started teaching us again. She was very nice :)

I love you all very much,

Sister Townsend

road trip to the temple with Sister Rooarii (Tahiti) and Sister Afualo (Samoa)
Lays chips from China?
Sister Hsiao!

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