Wednesday, August 26, 2015

She's off!

We saw our sweet girl off this morning at 6am.  She'll get to SLC around 9 where our good friend Jeri Ashford will pick her up and take her around temple square for awhile, then to lunch and to the MTC.  Lots of hugs and tears at the airport.  We are so very proud of our girl!! She is a  beautiful, kind, valiant and faithful daughter of God. We couldn't be happier with her decision to serve the Lord for the next 18months in Adelaide, Australia!


  1. Great day today! A little bittersweet - bitter/sad to see her go, but sweet that she gets to have an awesome experience as a missionary! A little explanation on a few things:
    SLC - Salt Lake City
    MTC - Missionary Training Center
    LOL - Laugh Out Loud! :-)

    Lots of emotions today but it's all worth it! Will post photos soon!

  2. We're so excited for Abby and can't wait to hear all about her journey!!