Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 6

This week I taught Sister Craig some American Sign Language, and she loved it. Now I can't get her to stop! She keeps spelling things, no matter where we are. But we just found out today that she's leaving, so I'll have a brand new companion next week! Or brand new to me :)
Catarina's baptism was wonderful. She was able to invite her mom, and they both really felt the Spirit. Sorry they just told us that we have to leave the library, I'll have a better email next week!

Some answers to our family questions this week...
Pretty weird week, being so close to the office we see the assistants and president more often than other missionaries, and since they were planning transfers, they were all weird and secretive, so we just had to ignore all that weird stuff and go to work :)

We get $120 every fortnight, or every 2 weeks. That covers food and whatever supplies we need to get. Don't have to worry about the rent :) and we have a separate card to pay for petrol.

We don't get a whole lot of time to cook, so pretty awful. We love Chinese cabbage and chicken, and just eating that like a lettuce wrap. Funny story from this week: we were supposed to have dinner with Brother Hann and his family, but they called us after church and said that their kids all had the flu, so we should just come by around 5:30 to pick it up. That sounded good to us :) then Sister Sparkes, who fed me my first kangaroo meat, texted and asked if we were going anywhere for dinner. Opportunity to be fed twice? We took it haha. So now we have lunch waiting for us at home.

I miss Mexican food here, we got told of this really good place that's close to us, and it was referred by someone from Mexico, so we know it's legit.

Sister Craig has 2 transfers left, so she's hopefully starting BYU-Hawaii in February, but we just found out today that she's getting transferred! I won't find out til tomorrow who my new companion will be, but it will definitely not be someone who's been here before. So, the burden's on me to lead the area. AAAHHHHHHHHH PRESSURE.

I am getting emails, it keeps me busy the 2 hours we're here, but I would love to receive letters. They are extra special, make me feel loved ;)

On Canadian Thanksgiving we had a zone activity, going to this trampoline place. It was so funny to see 20 missionaries walk up in our bball shorts, and there were mainly just little kids there.

It is getting pretty warm, 30 degrees Celsius has started to feel cool.

I love my hour in the morning for personal study. It helps me feel more relaxed, and it's a great place for revelation.

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